Many facts have come to light about fraud and crime underpinning the EU referendum. There are at least 11 "live" investigations (9 in the UK, one in South Africa and one in the US) with others coming in other countries.

But what we know thus far, about electoral manipulation, campaign overspend and coordination, data theft, illegal sources of money and possible foreign intervention, may not be the total picture of how the referendum was won.

Could the vote count have been hacked?
As in: What if the handling of some votes was outsourced?

Would that raise questions when 975,000 postal votes were never returned, and 144,000 were rejected? That’s more than 1 million votes.

Link to the tweet here


When, at the same time, most areas had a high postal votes turnout, and some even might have broken a world record? (99%)?

(Please note that this question is not specific to the EU Referendum. This also raises questions for all UK elections and Referendum since at least 2010, maybe 2008 (although the Electoral Commission documents are not available before 2009). But let's start by taking a look at the EU Referendum.)



What if the handling of the votes was outsourced not to a neutral third party, but to a company with a prominent Leave activist on the board?

You know, a Leave campaigner like, say... (Legatum contributor) Peter Lilley, who happened to be a director of a company involved in UK referendums and elections, EU Ref included?…

 Now did Idox count votes in the EU Referendum?
Was it involved?

They were in charge of saying which postal votes were valid before they were counted.
(Using their own staff -and scanners)
These screenshots comes from a (public) promotional video, that can be seen here:

On Idox website

On Youtube


 Note: The Electoral Commission specified that shouldn't be done.
Link here:…


 Here you can see the votes to be verified coming in -please note these returned postal packs are in an *unsealed* box.

(Please let's not forget here that the staff you can see in this video are not the board of directors taking decisions; but employees doing their job. According to some people I talked to on Twitter, some of them were temporary workers hired through an agency. So not the ones responsible for unsealed boxes being handled by a 3rd party provider.)

Was that process supervised somehow? (By council staff, no Idox staff, I mean).
Idox claims to “run the whole postal vote service for the customer so it can focus on other important area of the elections” (From Idox video)
Doesn’t exactly scream “closely supervised process.”

So, it may be normal/have nothing to do with it, but votes appearing and disappearing, whole regions where the numbers match, other regions where it doesn't...
... may not mix well with "unsealed ballot boxes handled by a 3rd party provider linked to a Leave campaigner".

 No way to know anyway.
How were the unsealed votes collected by Idox &how did they end up in the sealed boxes? Good question.
How many votes this private provider handled for the EU Referendum? No one knows but Idox, not even the Electoral Commission as it's each council's private business.

By the way, did I mention Idox electoral services also cover handling electoral registers?
This document says Idox (like for the postal votes services) runs the whole electoral scanning service so the customer can focus on something else.
Was that already the case in 2016?


 (Was there anything weird, or any problems will the registration process in 2016?)
Does anyone know who was involved?
Any third party provider? How many councils?

Link to the tweet here

Please note that the reason to this apparently was that no specific registration was needed (which is not consistent with what I've been told by voters?)

(Clark, A. and James. T. (2016a )
An Evaluation of Electoral Administration at the EU Referendum



Idox also claims to handle postal packs - part of “running the whole postal vote service for the customer" package.
What does that cover?
Same thing than in 2018 ie "distribution included"?
Does anyone know how many votes never arrived?
(Is it weird there's no way to know?)


 Idox is not the only electoral service provider, but according to its brochure, it used to handle 13 million votes.
That's 1/3 of the votes.
(It bought Halarose since then -another election services company- so it handles more now.)

And no one knows what it does exactly -but itself.

 Reminder:Link to the original video here:

On Idox website

On Youtube

Now let's wonder about other elections and referendums that Idox was involved in.
Idox was involved in all other elections and referendum since 2010 -already handling 13 million votes at the time.

A service it bought from an Australian provider, that had been in charge since 2008.


Idox brochure:

Relevant question here is -besides the 1 million voices not counting-:
Is an unaccountable (not supervised by the
Electoral Commission) non-neutral 3rd party provider handling registers, PV sending, *unsealed* ballots boxes & disregarding the Electoral Commission’s guidance (when it advertises on making sure its clients comply by the rules) OK?

Because it's not just about the past elections/referedums.
It's also about the next ones.

This is about your votes being counted by a "global interchangeable corps' club", possibly with vested interests, unaccountable as the watchdog doesn't even know what they do: no scrutiny at the scale of the country.


Note about this Scotland's contract with Idox/CGI: It was initially with UK company Logica (in 2010), that was partenering with Opt2Votes. Then Logica was bought by Canadian corporation CGI, and Opt2Vote was bought by Idox. The contract was renewed -with CGI- in 2015.





Last note:
The "innovating solution" invoked here bringing "speed, accuracy and transparency" also means that there is *no way to observer whether reported result is accurate*.
This would mean no more scrutiny whatsoever.
(Also, anything on the Internet can be hacked - as shown here).

ink to the above document



I realise I've not provided the link where the Electoral Commission says it does not supervise Idox, nor has the slightest idea of the extent of the electoral services it provides to the country. So here it is:


And this:

(Clark, A. and James. T. (2016a )
An Evaluation of Electoral Administration at the EU Referendum






Take a look at Elec com file on the EU Referendum result: you'll see missing data, numbers not adding up -and a warning they may not!
When there are totals -that have to come from somewhere.
Somewhere can but be the software whose provider's name wasn't given.
Does that raise questions?


Don't take my word for it.
You can check the file here:…
("Referendum on the UK's membership of the EU").

The Electoral Commission doesn't have all the information.
Only a software provided by an unnamed provider has.
Means the
Electoral Commission couldn't verify anything.
Is this OK?


Just going to leave that here.
(Note: Verified ballots paper = Number of ballots to be counted, counted before the vote. The number is supposed to match the sum of the Valid votes and the Rejected votes. If not, shouldn't people at least notice?)