Twitter account suspended: Here's what I know.

(Not much, I'm afraid. I don't get why or how.)


Both accounts were blocked by this process:

As long as I could pass the recaptcha test/get a text from Twitter with a code to enter, everything went fine: I could unlock my account (happened roughly a dozen times -on each account.)

One day, in November 2017, @delvinghaylee was suspended for being suspected of having an "automated behaviour".

I appealed (which, FTR, requires me to prove that I'm human) -and got this automated (oh the irony) email telling me I was suspected of being a bot.

This message told me to connect to my account, then that I would see a message saying my account had been locked, and that I would then have to click start and use a phone verification to unlock it. I could never access this, as this is what I saw when I connected.



About @stilldelvingh, the same thing happened -with a small difference, since I had set connection verification = being sent a text with a code to enter to confirm my identity every time I connect.

So I was confident it would be alright. Except I'm not getting any text messages from Twitter. From anyone else, my phone is working just fine: I do get the texts. But not from Twitter.

I tried to change my password: There, I got a text with the code to enter. I though: Yes! But then I was asked again for a code to unlock the account - and never got the text.

I tried to connect with the code I had in case you lose your phone: I was then asked for the code to unlock the account - and never got the text. I tried so many times I was told I couldn't try anymore. I can now try again: But I'm still getting no text message.

So I'm locked out.


A few other weird things happened:

The weirdest one being this mail telling memy @delvinghaylee account (suspended since November = not active) had just been blocked for safety reasons, because it possibly was "compromised by a website or service non affiliated to Twitter". (???)

I reset my password, and here's what I see now when I want to connect:


So I can't see my notifications (or my archived tweets) anymore, when I could before.

Just glad I helped Twitter to improve the safety of my account (sigh).

Please note I'm still not able to access a verification process: I gave my phone number, but wasn't offered to be sent a text (although since apparently I can't get them, not sure it would have helped a lot). Although here the problem might be that my phone number is now linked to my new account, and can't be used for this one. (Can't afford two phones with two numbers).

Doesn't explain how this suspended account could have been compromised, or why I'm not getting text messages from Twitter anymore, though.

Update: Today (January 14th) I started getting Twitter's texts again -and could get back access to my account. Again, really not sure the issue here is Twitter, Google also seems to think I'm a bot quite often. So I will keep trying to understand why and how this happens -no certitude here, just hypothesis (hacking being one of them).